Hemp Hoodlamb Clothing Range

Not only is the Hoodlamb Clothing range super trendy but it is ideal for keeping warm in during the winter season.  The Hoodlamb range includes super warm Hats, Coats and Hoodies. This clothing range has been inspired by surf and snow style and being made from Hemp makes it environmentally friendly.  Perfect as a gift […]

New car to be made from hemp

A Canadian company hope to build an environmetally freindly car from Hemp “Motive’s entry included exploring the use of a hemp-fibre composite thats as strong as fibreglass, but lighter and less expensive. The material will be used to replace other metal components, Armstrong said, except for the structural frame.” Read more here

The benefits of Hemp

So why would you buy a hemp based product over one made from another material? Well some prefer the aesthetic of hemp based materials but there are also very many other benefits which it is worth considering. Hemp fibre is ten times the strength of cotton and can be used to make many types of […]

Hemp Paper: The Future

Continuing from our previous post about Hemp Paper, we have found an organisation who (among other things) are doing work in the UK in the area of hemp paper production and its feasibility. The BioRegional Development Group, a charitable organisation who provide consultancy and solutions for sustainable living had the following to say: “In 2003 […]

Hemp Paper

Hemp can easily be processed into paper and because of it’s high growth rate (a tree may take two decades to mature where as the hemp plant takes four months), hemp pulp is better suited to be used as paper than wood pulp, whose harvest destroys forest eco-systems that are depended on by many organisms. […]

Hemp Food and Nutrition

One of the many uses of Hemp is as a food source. Examples of Hemp foods are hemp milk, hemp seed oil, hemp protein, hemp granola bars and even hemp tortilla chips. Hemp seed oil has been proven to contain omega 3 fats that help protect the human body from heart disease. Although the low […]

What Is Hemp?

Hemp is a fibre made from Cannabis plants. It’s versatility means that it has a variety of applications, from the bags on this site to food and biodegradable plastics. It’s environmentally friendly credentials come from the fact it is an extremely fast growing biomass that needs relatively few pesticides and no herbicides. Industrial Hemp is […]

Hemp Doesnt Cost the Earth

Below is an article sent to us by Sativa, the maker of our hemp bags.  It describes their environmental policies and ethos. At Cobra Supplies, we are 100% supportive of such a forward thinking company. “Imagine … a plant growing in harmony with the earth, harvested by the sun, flourishing without need of herbicide or […]